5 Festive Metal Art Ideas to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

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With the calendar barrelling through another wintery holiday season, now seems like the perfect opportunity to inspire you with some holiday-themed metal art. We gave you some spookier motifs to work with the last time we did this as Halloween came and went, so let’s lighten the mood a bit and get festive!

Metal doesn’t always have to be a purely practical medium to work with. We most often associate it with its use in public works and other serious projects, but there’s no reason it can’t be given a more whimsical purpose on occasion. Here, then, is a summary of some of the jollier functions that it could be used for.


Sure, you could make these the old-fashioned (and easier) way: with a sheet of paper and an aggressive use of scissors. But those aren’t going to last you much longer than a week at most, given how flimsy they are. Craft them from sturdier stuff, and you’ve got an ornament or wall decoration that’s going to last for years. And let’s not overlook how much prettier they’ll be as they catch the light from the tree and fire. Very atmospheric.

2. Holiday-isms

The usual sentiments may be a tad overdone, but seeing as how every possible piece of Christmas iconography has been milked to its last penny at this point, there surely isn’t any harm in adding one more to the pile. So long as it isn’t the inescapable “Live, Laugh Love” (is there a mom who doesn’t have this hanging somewhere?), you can’t go wrong with a “Merry Christmas!” or “Noel” in a fun font.

3. Nativity Scene

It’s a lot of work to haul out the entire production each December to set up on the mantle or in the front yard, so why not keep it simple and have the whole scene etched onto a single, hangable decoration? This way, you don’t have to worry about one year discovering a wise man with a cracked eye or a missing baby Jesus.

4. Good Ol’ Jack

Not the one with the “Frost” surname, mind you. No, we’re talking about a certain skeleton from the classic 1993 stop-motion film The Nightmare Before Christmas, which provides ample inspiration for not one, but two holidays. A nice carving of the Pumpkin King and his sweetheart, Sally? You can put it up on Halloween and leave it out for the rest of the year, and everyone will delight at how culturally hip you are. It’s an old enough movie to be considered traditional, right?

5. Trees

It doesn’t have to replace the bigger piece of shrubbery that you’ll be storing presents under (though how modern and avant-garde would that be?), and you can never have too many pines in the house. A crop of stylized saplings would work as the perfect table piece or window ledge decoration, especially if you had some miniature ornaments to hang from them.

So, are you feeling inspired? We hope so. These embellishments would work great as either long-lasting family traditions or seasonally appropriate gifts, so you really can’t go wrong. As the saying goes: steel is forever.

Or is that diamonds? In any case, happy holidays! May your metal be appropriately hard and shiny in the new year.

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