Trick Your Truck: 5 Ways to Make Your Truck Stand Out

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Trucks are a popular vehicle here in Phoenix, AZ. They’re great for hauling things and for pulling trailers. Plus if you enjoy off-roading, then you know a good 4×4 is essential. But how do you make your pickup or other truck stand out from the rest?

Here at Steel Advantage, we get asked to powder coat truck parts a lot which got us thinking about what other modifications a person can make to their truck to make it look unique. We’ve listed 5 of our favorite ideas for ways to give your truck a distinctive look, including, of course, powder coating. Take a look.

1.Chrome: We’ve talked about chrome in our post on motorcycle customization already, but this metal coating is also common on truck parts for that extra gleam. You can find chrome mirror covers, door handles, tailgate handles, grilles, trim, fuel doors, light covers, and more.

2. Lift Kits: Lift kits are accessories that reduce your truck’s ground clearance by lifting your truck’s suspension. Lift kits aren’t just for show either. They are actually designed to improve your truck’s ability to handle off-road situations. However, lots of people like how they make their vehicle look too and some people install a lift kit just for show.

3. Powder Coat: Powder coating your truck wheels, rims, the frame, the toolbox or another part to individualize the exterior of your truck is a great idea! Powder coating comes in a wide variety of colors, from neutral to neon and everything in between so it’s easy to add a non-factory standard color to elements of your truck so your personality shines through.

4. Lighting: There are a variety of lighting accessories from LED light strips to accent your truck bed, interior or other areas to fog lights, light bars, spotlights, and more. Some types of lighting enhancements are purely cosmetic while others serve a more functional purpose.

5. Tonneau Covers: Tonneau Covers or truck bed covers are a great way to keep items in your truck bed secure. Plus they enhance the look of your truck. They’re typically black, but you can get more custom covers to match other truck accessories or to advertise your business.

As metal fabrication and powder coating specialists we always recommend powder coating as a favorite option, but what’s yours? How have you customized your vehicle? Let us know in the comments below.

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