5 Types of Range Hoods For Your Dream Kitchen

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Modern kitchens have come a long way, especially as far as design elements are concerned. These days many people are incorporating all kinds of design elements to kitchens everywhere, including here in Phoenix, AZ. Gone are the days when you tried to hide your stove or oven’s ventilation system. Now range hoods have gone back to the days of yore and beyond when they were visible and sometimes contained interesting designs embedded into the metal.

Today range hoods come in a huge variety of designs and types giving you seemingly endless options for how you want your stovetop ventilation to look. Plus with custom steel range hoods added to your options, your Phoenix home’s kitchen can look like something out of the pages of Architectural Digest.

We’ve listed 5 different range types to help you design or just dream about your next kitchen.

1. Under Cabinet: In a sense, this type of range hood is just like the name implies. It’s compact and out of site because it’s mounted above the stove, under the cabinets. It’s designed not to be noticed so it’s the least likely to be customized. Any custom design elements usually appear in the cabinetry that covers the vent. Under cabinet, hoods have ductwork that vents up through the cabinet that’s above the stove, or out an exterior wall behind the hood.

2.  Wall Mounted: Wall mounted range hoods are, well mounted to the wall above your stove or range. They sometimes also have a chimney element that makes them better for ventilation than under cabinet hoods and they usually have ductwork that vents out an exterior wall behind the hood. Wall mounted hoods can be designed to match the elements of your kitchen, combining function and form for a more custom look to your kitchen even when not truly custom-made.

3.  Above Island: An island or ceiling mounted range hood is typically mounted on the ceiling above a range that’s installed in a kitchen island or above a freestanding range. Ceiling mounted hoods are also necessary for professional style ranges because they can handle the ventilation requirements of more than the standard 4-burner stovetop. This type of range hood also comes in a wide variety of designs so it will match the look of your kitchen.

4.  Custom Range Hoods: One of the great things about metal fabrication is the number of items that a person can create and range hoods are no exception. Although more and more interestingly designed hoods are being produced in quantity, having a custom steel range hood fabricated specifically for your new kitchen means it’s the only one. Plus you can ensure that the hood above your stovetop fits in perfectly with the rest of your custom kitchen design.

5.  Hood Inserts: Hood inserts, also known as ventilation power packs, custom power packs, kitchen power packs, and range hood liners, are just the insides of range hoods. They aren’t a design and are most used with custom range hoods. Hood inserts come with all the elements you need to make your custom steel range hood function including blowers, grease traps, lights, and may or may not come with controls. The parts are often powder coated and easy to clean.

The above list of 5 range hood options is by no means exhaustive. We’d love to hear what you think of our list or if you have any favorite range hood designs of your own. Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Metal fabricating and powder coating is what we do so if you have any questions about custom metalwork, give us a call today.

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