5 Signs Your Home’s Security Door Needs Repair

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Fall is in the air here in Phoenix, AZ and the Valley of the Sun. The triple-digit heat is behind us and the weather is perfect for turning off the air conditioning and opening up your doors and windows to air out your home and enjoy cooler breezes.

As temperatures start to drop and you begin to think about the indoor/outdoor lifestyle of Fall through Spring in Phoenix, AZ and beyond, it might be time to make sure your security doors and gates are in peak condition. We’ve listed 5 common signs of security door wear & tear below.

1. Your door won’t latch: If your security screen door won’t latch properly or at all, it might be misaligned due to your house settling or even poor installation. Your hinges might just be loose, but you could need adjustments to the strike plate hole or a different strike plate. It’s wise to have a professional determine the problem, especially if you’re not sure how to get your door re-aligned or if there are other problems besides the hinges or strike plate.

2. Your door slams: If your door slams or closes too quickly, you probably have a broken door closer. Depending on the type of closer you have you could have an oil leak or maybe the closer just became detached or needs to be readjusted. If you have an older type oil door closer, you probably want to replace it with a pneumatic door closer instead because this type of closer uses air, not oil. You can install and adjust pneumatic closers yourself, or have a professional do it for you.

3. You notice rust or corrosion: If you notice that your old screen or security door has mild to moderate rust, corrosion, peeling paint, or any kind of discoloration, it’s time to invest in sandblasting and powder coating to bring new life to your old screen door. Powder coating is superior to regular painting and lasts longer. Alternatively, if your old door has large amounts of rust and other damage, it’s probably time to replace it with a new security screen door instead.

4. Your screens are damaged: If you find that the screen on your doors has come loose or been damaged from storms or a break-in, it’s time to replace them. You might even consider upgrading the screens to steel super screens which can’t be torn, cut, or ripped. They’ll give you added peace of mind because of the durability and extra security they provide your home and family.

5. You have handle or lock issues: If your door handle is loose, or plain fell off, you might just need to repair it, or it’s possibly time to purchase a better one. Sometimes locks wear out or your caretaker might have accidentally broken off her key in the lock. Or maybe you returned to your Phoenix home to discover it had been broken into over the summer. There are many miscellaneous problems that can occur with door handles and locks. Some of them can be repaired by purchasing a few supplies at a hardware store and others require help from a professional.

We hope you have more understanding of when your doors need repair and how to solve common problems you might discover when you’re preparing your home for the milder sunny days of a Phoenix Fall.

If you have any questions about security door repair or you’re looking for professional security and screen door repair services, contact us today!

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