Metal Yard Art: 5 Ideas To Make the Outside of Your Home Unique

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When you think of a steelworks, you might picture a place that only creates metal structures for businesses, or maybe one that fabricates things like doors and window guards, but steel works like Steel Advantage here in Phoenix, AZ are also known for helping customers realize their own creative visions for adding beauty to their homes.

Our previous two posts were all about powder coating, so we decided to go for a change this week and instead bring you 5 ideas for ways to incorporate metal art in the design of your yard, your garden and even the exterior of your home. Below you’ll find several ideas to inspire you in your next outdoor project:

1. Fire pits: Here in Phoenix, AZ, we love to sit around a firepit on a cool autumn evening. And fire pits are a great way to add metal art to your yard. Plus depending on your style and how bold you want to go, fire pits can be as basic as a simple metal bowl or as elaborate as fire breathing dragons or southwestern animals.

2. Garden sculptures: As an alternative to ceramic statues, metal garden sculptures and yard art in a variety of designs from animals to geometric and abstract shapes can be a great way to incorporate your own unique personality into the outside areas of your home. The only limitation is your imagination. You can bring in a design of your own or choose one from a selection of templates.

3. Colorful accents: Because powder coating can be done in a huge variety of colors, there’s nothing to stop you from incorporating color into the decorations in your yard or garden. You can add a sense of whimsy and fun with bright butterflies or birds, or you can use more muted tones and incorporate leaves and flowers into garden stakes and plant beds.

4. Signs: Sculptures and fire pits aren’t the only ways to add metal artistic touches to your Phoenix, AZ home. Metal can also be fabricated into signs to display your address or your family name. Alternatively flags or your favorite sports team mascot can be made into a sign you can display proudly on the front of your house or hang under the mailbox.

5. Gates: Of course not all garden gates are pieces of art. However, having a steel gate made in an artistic design whether it’s an abstract design, an animal motif, or something else you’ve imagined, can add beauty and curb appeal to your home. Garden gates in dramatic designs like trees make the entrance to your yard or garden memorable.

Whether you choose one of the above ideas or come up with one of your own, metal yard art in any form is sure to enhance the look of your home and garden. There are so many ways to add little touches of personality and style to your yard including sculptures, gates, and signs that you might even try several of the ideas we’ve mentioned.

Let us know what you think of metal yard art in the comments below. If you’re curious about ways to add an artistic flare to any part of your home with metal art pieces and designs, the staff at Steel Advantage would love to help you. Contact us today with your questions.


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