5 Methods For Maintaining Powder Coated Surfaces

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Here at Steel Advantage, we do a lot of powder coating. As result, one of the number one things you ask us about is the care and maintenance of your powder coated items like patio furniture, steel doors, railings, and other metal items. And while powder coating is much more durable than paint, and lasts a lot longer as well, it still is not 100% impervious to dirt, dust, and the extreme heat and monsoons we can get in Phoenix, AZ.

That’s why we created this list of 5 tips to help you take care of just about any powder coated metal item in your home and beyond.

1. Avoid harsh chemicals: Unlike spray paint, powder coating is much more resistant to things like rust, corrosion, peeling and fading. However, that resistance does not mean it’s completely fine to use chemical cleaners and solvents to clean powder coated items. Harsh cleaners and solvents like acetone can actually damage powder coating.

2. Clean gently: You can still clean powder coated surfaces. Just wipe off dust with a soft clock. If more cleaning is necessary, use a highly diluted, mild soap in water and a soft towel or soft sponge to very gently clean. Rinse with a little water, then dry with another soft towel.

3. Wax: If your powder coated metal has lost its gloss and shine, after removing dirt with mild soap, you can apply a thin layer of wax just like you do after you wash your car. After the wax dries, wipe all of it off and powder coated metal will look like new.

4. Don’t paint: If you’re wondering if you can touch up imperfections and rust with paint, the answer is no. Because of how the powder coating process works, paint won’t adhere to powder coated surfaces. If your powder coating is starting to show signs of wear and tear, it’s time to have a professional either repair or redo the powder coating.

5. Maintenance schedules: We recommend you regularly inspect and clean your powder coated items. How often you wipe your metal surfaces clean depends on if they’re inside or outside, the time of year, and if there’s been any intense weather like a monsoon or dust storm if you’re here in Phoenix, AZ. You definitely don’t want to clean powder coated surfaces too often, but wiping away dust regularly is fine.

Powder coating truly is an extremely low maintenance finish. With just a little TLC on occasion, your metal patio furniture, doors, gates, and other items will endure for many years. By following the 5 tips above, we’re confident you won’t need to have your newly powder coated items repainted or repaired for a long time.

Do you have any tricks for keeping powder coating clean? Let us know in the comments below. If you have any questions about powder coating or you have items that need powder coating, contact Steel Advantage today.

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