The Art of Metal Fabrication: 10 Ideas For Your Home or Business

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Over the years at our sister company, Eco-Advantage, we’ve fabricated hundreds of custom designs for customers’ security doors and gates. Here in Phoenix, AZ and the surrounding areas, southwestern themes and cowboys are extremely popular, but the reality is that only your imagination is the limit when it comes to custom designed metal items. Whether it’s a security door or gate, a firepit, or a sculpture to hang on your wall, there’s almost no end to the types of designs a talented metal fabrication facility can help you create.

We created this list of 10 ideas to help get you started:

  1. Animals: Animals make excellent designs for a variety of interesting metal structures including doors, gates, table sculptures, wall art and other items. Popular animals here in southern Arizona include coyotes, horses, lizards, snakes, dragonflies, butterflies, and hummingbirds, but you can also have designs created based on your pets, favorite wild animal, or even fish and dolphins.
  1. Cartoon Characters: A silhouette of your child’s favorite superhero or even your’s can bring out the child within makes a great motif for a lot of objects made of metal. We even found fire pits fabricated in the shape of minions when we were searching for new ideas to present to customers.
  1. Cowboys: Like we already mentioned, cowboys, bulls, horses and other southwestern ranching motifs are very popular here in Phoenix, AZ. You might be attracted to those designs if you have a home or business here yourself. In fact, we have a huge inventory of western and rodeo inspired designs that past customers have made.
  1. Abstract and Industrial: Abstract designs make interesting metal sculptures and wall art, but can also be utilized in other items including metal furniture pieces like tables and even stair railings or coat racks. You might try having an item that incorporates industrial shapes like chains, gears, brackets, or nuts and bolts into other shapes including animal sculptures, wine racks, or metal signs for your business.
  1. Geometric: Shapes and sharp angles make a bold statement for tables, fire pits, gates and doors, especially the front door of more modern architectural homes and even the entrance to your restaurant or other retail business. What about a metal sculpture for a fountain? Circles, triangles, squares and other shapes can be formed and shaped to create any number of pieces.

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